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- Paul Thede

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RACE TECH for Sportbikes

Production Sportbikes tend to come with a suspension setting compromised to work okay for a wide range of riders, but not necessarily excellent for any one rider. Without a proper setup, your motorcycle can feel unbalanced, unpredictable, and uncomfortable. What we do is taylor make your suspension for your needs based on rider weight, ability and conditions in which you ride in.  Race Tech's products are focused on improving comfort, safety, and control by maximizing performance.


The first step to great handling and predictablity is selecting proper spring rates front and rear. With over 500 Hi-Performance Springs to choose from, Race Tech is almost guaranteed to have the spring you need. Sportbikes are generally under-sprung for the average rider, causing the bike to be unbalanced and unpredictable.

RT Hi-Performance Spring Features:

-Extremely accurate rates
-The tightest tolerances in the industry
-Heat-treated and Shot-peened
-Preset to eliminate sacking-out
-Extremely lightweight
-Made in the USA 

►Find your recommended springs and spring rates.

Want a custom shock spring color? ►Powder Coating is available!

►More spring info...


The ulimate front end provides a firm yet plush feel that doesn't dive excessively. Race Tech's Gold Valve and Big Piston Fork (BPF) Fork Kits are designed to do just that. Gold Valves eliminate the limitations of the stock valving setup. Gold Valves improve flow to give outstanding performance, feel, and tuneability.

Benefits of Gold Valves:

    -Great feel
    -Controls dive
    -Increased tueability
    -Personalized setup
    -Reduced harshness
    -Increased bottoming resistance
    -Improved traction
    -Consistent feel
    -Technical support
    -100% Guaranteed
    -Made in the USA

Stock Big Piston Fork (BPF) design has oversize, yet very restrictive pistons that are required to flow more than 10 times the fluid of a standard cartridge. This creates harshness and contributes to chatter during braking. Race Tech's BPF Gold Valves provide custom valving settings for the individual and improves handling, control, and ride dramatically. Kits include Gold Valves, shims, charts, top-out and bottom-out systems along with instructions


Race Tech's award winning Gold Valve Kits for Shocks provide great performance without the cost of a replacement shock. Gold Valve Shock Conversion Kits are installed in the stock shock body. While providing a personalized setup, with a plush feel and drastically improved bottoming resistance, these kits have also been developed to provide increased traction and control. Each Gold Valve Kit includes Gold Valve, Valving Charts and Shims to allow a custom setup for a specific rider and conditions.

These Kits can be installed by individuals interested in understanding and tuning their own suspension or they can be installed by a Race Tech Center or Race Tech's Service Department.

Benefits of Gold Valves:

    -Reduced harshnes
    -Increased bottoming resistance
    -Improved traction
    -Consistent feel
    -Increased tuneability
    -Personalized setup
    -Technical support
    -100% Guaranteed
    -Made in the USA



The ultimate rear suspension solution; Race Tech's G3-S Custom Series Shocks are custom built replacement shocks. These shocks have been tested in all types of conditions to provide the best performance. On many models G3-S Shocks add external damping adjustability. Engineered to be ultra-durable and tested to provide a plush feel with improved bottoming resistance; these shocks are state-of-the-art.

G3-S Custom Series Features:

    -Gold Valves provide a plush feel with increased bottoming resistance.
    -Personalized valving setup
    -Custom Hi-Performance Spring with rate selected for the rider
    -Billet aluminum
    -Ultra Slick Suspension Fluid
    -Premium Heim Bearings
    -Extremely effective rebound adjuster
    -Low-friction surface treatments
    -Full technical support
    -Made in the USA
    -100% Guaranteed!




Race Tech stocks replacement Fork Tubes by TNK. These tubes are OEM quality replacements. They are the highest quality and generally significantly less expensive than the original equipment. These tubes are made from the best materials and are available with color options.  

NOTE: These are "tubes only". Upside-down forks require removing and replacing the stock Fork Bottom. Race Tech can provide this service or we sell the tool to do the job.

TNK Fork Tube Features:

-Highest quality
-Generally significantly less expensive than OEM replacements
-Available in standard hard-chrome
-Titanium coatings reduce friction for selected models - gold, black, and red (copper)
-Made in Italy

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 More TNK Fork Tubes info...

G2-R Cartridge Kits




G2-R 25mm Cartridge Kits are a customized and personalized for your forks, providing a firm, plush and consistent stroke resulting in a ride that provides more "feel" and outstanding traction. Made of the highest quality materials, these complete kits come pre-valved and include fine tuning charts.


See Sport Rider Magazine's test with G2-R Cartridge Kits!



Race Tech has been testing and applying special coatings on suspension components for over 20 years. The coatings that we offer are Works Hard Anodizing and DLC 2.

Works Hard Anodizing makes the surface dramatically harder, more durable and more slippery. It is commonly used on aluminum fork sliders and shock bodies and is fairly inexpensive.

DLC 2 is a next generation DLC coating that our research has found to be much more slippery and far superior to the current "best" coating. It is applied to the exterior of the chrome fork tube and is only microns thick. Its provides and extremely hard and slippery finish.  

More Coatings Info...

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Still have questions, or don't see what you are looking for?  Give our friendly and helpful Sales Department a call at 951.279.6655 and let us help you find the solution to your suspension needs!